Rushcliffe Ramblers

Blue Cards

Because accidents and illnesses can happen, it is possible that a walker may have to be given medical attention whilst out on a walk.  With this in mind, Rushcliffe Ramblers would like all members  to carry personal information regarding emergency contacts and personal medical information (see below) on their person whenever they are out on a walk.  The information should include the following :-

  •   Your Name, Address & Telephone number
  •   Your Date of Birth
  •   Name of Person to contact in case of an emergency (name, address, and telephone number) - could be next of kin providing   that person is not out walking with the group.   It would also be useful to state what relationship this emergency contact is to  yourself.
  •   Existing medical condition (if applicable).
  •   Medication currently being taken (if applicable)          


The Club does not need this information—but would like you to keep this on your person (perhaps in your rucksack?) in the event that the information is needed.  It will only be presented to medical personnel if required. This then enables you to enjoy confidentiality whilst at the same time giving you the satisfaction of knowing that the right information is available when/if needed.

Angela and Larraine normally carry blank BLUE CARDS for you to complete. Please ask for one.   Please help us to help you—if needed.



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Tuesday, June 19, 2018